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On not being a hypocrite...

Ok so I plan on raising my kid to believe that people can do or not do whatever they want with their own bodies.  This would be things like shaving/not shaving, haircuts, style of dress etc.

But then I was thinking, if he has one of those scraggly teenage mustaches and decides he doesn't want to shave it, will I mentally mock him as I do to other such young lads?  I mean, I couldn't possibly be a hypocrite and say "You look dumb, shave that" but I'm sure I would THINK it!


I don't think it's particularly hypocritical. My mom has always said I can do whatever the heck I want with my body but doesn't fail to tell me if I look stupid. It's just a difference of opinion -- I like the grunge look and she tells me to keep the kitchen scissors away from my hair. :) I of course return the favor, by telling her when she looks stupid. ;)

My dad throws a tantrum each time he sees me with a new tattoo/piercing, but that doesn't change the fact that he doesn't have any control over my body and never has. I think it irritates him that he doesn't and that's why he throws fifteen fits.
no seroiusly? You wouldn't tell him it looks bad?
'cuz telling him when he's... what? 13... 14... 15... will not make him think that it looks bad. It will only make him think you're-out-to-get-him, don't-want-him-to-have-any-fun, don't-understand, etc. etc.... but certainly not that it actually looks like sock-fuz-stuck-to-lip.

Boys are so weird!