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Perfect Parent

The Parenting Manifesto of Childless Adults

The Parenting Manifesto by Childless Adults
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This community is for those of us who don't yet have children, but who have stong ideas of things we'll want to do and want to avoid as parents.


  1. Be respectful of opinions.

  2. Just because someone has certain ideas on how they want to be a parent, does not mean that they are trying to be offensive to those who do differently.
  3. One topic per post please.

  4. Use a descriptive subject line.

  5. Place large photos behind an lj-cut. If you do not know how to do an lj-cut go here

  6. As it stands, the current moderator sassy_red_head reserves the right to do whatever she wants. BWAH HAH HA HAAAAA!

    Note: Some of this is locked, some of it isn't. Depends on what the poster felt like doing.

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